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Teenage love (and hate) live on stage contrasted against retrospective on-screen interviews with the play’s minor characters. This is an emotionally charged, succinct retelling of Shakespeare’s classic, interwoven with unique perspectives of grieving (and regretful) key players as they consider what they would have done differently if they had their time again.


King Duncan has been brutally murdered and all evidence points to his sons Malcolm and Donalbain. Become a fly on the wall and witness the devastating and selfish events that lead to the ultimate demise of Macbeth and his wife from both their power-hungry perspectives. THE MACBETHS is set against a dynamic, cinematic background allowing the world of this iconic tragedy come to life.


Something is rockin’ in the state of Denmark. How quickly circumstances can change. Hamlet was excelling at uni and the future was his for the taking – but that’s all in the past. Forced to defer and move back home, Hamlet’s whole world soon unravels faster than his mother’s hasty remarriage… Angst. Revenge. Madness. Love. Ghosts. Strap yourself in for Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy.


Based on shake & stir’s critically-acclaimed adaptation of Orwell’s classic, 1984 is back in 2020 due to popular demand. Oceania; a Nation perpetually at war, where cameras watch every move, Thought Police roam the streets and Big Brother rules. What happens when Winston pursues a forbidden love affair with a mysterious woman in an attempt to rebel and maintain some control over his otherwise totally controlled life?


Think you know the stories of the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks? Think again! For the first time – shake & stir’s nationally-acclaimed stage adaptation of Roald Dahl’s REVOLTING RHYMES tours to schools in a special new version just for primary students. Frighteningly funny and seriously silly, REVOLTING RHYMES takes the world’s best-loved fairy tales and rearranges them with surprising and hilarious twists


IN THE CAULDRON combines scenes from some of Shakespeare’s most studied plays and, through re-contextualisation and discussion, demonstrates the relevance of Shakespeare today. Three young contestants are thrust into the workroom on a quest to uncover new meaning, relevance and understanding in the recipe book that is The Complete Works. 


Stephen, Craig and Sophie are about to face the unimaginable – shaking up their lives and shifting to the school down the road to commence grade 7. Tackling this change with the advice of a quirky assortment of on screen supporting characters including teachers, parents, older siblings and even the school bullies, this trio learn that when embraced, change doesn’t have to be terrifying.


Technology and social media have become such an integral part of our society, some people question if it is possible to live without it. What if you could block it out? Would you? And would that solve society’s issues regarding peer pressure, body image and cyber bullying?

Worse still, what if you were the one who was blocked? 


All Nix wanted was to be insta- famous and he was prepared to do anything, ridicule anyone and risk it all to go viral. When one social media challenge takes a catastrophic turn for the worse, he achieves the recognition he craves. He didn’t however, anticipate the disastrous consequences that follow… Based on true stories provided by Australian teenagers – this honest, up-to-minute work will demystify the good, bad and ugly repercussions of online addictions.


This interactive workshop, presented by company actor Maddy, has been created specifically for English and Drama students who have been set the task of creating and/or performing a monologue.
This carefully-planned, 60-minute video will unpack a myriad of tools that will help students understand and tackle their solo performance with greater understanding, insight and confidence.


Each show comes with a filmed Q&A session with our touring actors. Tackling some of the most common questions, they unpack and discuss some of the major themes and questions surrounding our shows.