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We offer technical support directly to our schools using shakeandstirVIRTUAL. Please either call the office or email with any technical concerns or questions.

What does shakeandstirVIRTUAL cost?
Each performance will be charged at $1335 (incl GST) which includes up to 150 logins. If your cohort is over 150, you will be charged an additional $8.40 per student (incl GST). 
For primary schools and schools with an ICSEA ranking of 1000 or less each performance is $890(incl GST) for up to 100 logins.  If your cohort is over 100, you will be charged an additional $8.90 per student (incl GST).  Discounts apply for schools with ICSEA less than 1000. 

 How long will my membership last?
Each log-in will be active for a period of 7-days starting from the time of the scheduled performance.

How many times can I watch the show?
Our system monitors unique user logins, this means you can watch it as many times as you like as long as you are logging in with the same device.

What kind of shows are on the portal? 
At this stage we have seven of our in-school performances available. We are currently working on a mainstage collection to become available shortly.

 My school isn’t closed, but can I still use this?
If your school isn’t affected by compulsory closure and the official directives from all relevant government bodies remains business as usual, we would expect to still visit your school. Remember, while shakeandstirVIRTUAL is a fantastic substitute for a live performance, the experience of live theatre ‘in the room’ is preferred!

 My student doesn’t have internet at home, what happens?
Please contact the office.

 How frequent are the live Q&A sessions?
At this stage, we will be aiming for the performers to go live at least once a day to answer questions – this will increase depending on bookings.

 Can I just cancel my booking?
It is really important to us that you don’t.

 As a small business, your support is vital during these unprecedented times. shake & stir is one of the largest employers of young, professional artists and your support over the years have allowed us to continue to service the arts and educations sectors in increasingly exciting ways. Our commitment to continue to pay our staff and actors in the event of compulsory lockdown depends on your commitment to continue to support us. We wholeheartedly believe that shakeandstirVIRTUAL will be a valuable resource for you and your students and now, more than ever, people are able to continue to engage in and with the arts.
We are counting on it that you do too.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions regarding this site, or shake & stir bookings – please email us or call our office on 07 3358 6025.